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Code of

  • Members have to strictly observe the rules and regulations of the Institute:
  • Members are strictly forbidden to promote and sell any products and services to the other members in any activities organized by the Institute. Any member who acts contrary to the regulations will be disqualified and the annual fee will not be refunded.
  • Members should uphold the image of the Institute. Any behaviors and conducts that will impair the reputation of the Institute are strictly forbidden.
  • Members have to notify the Institute immediately in case of loss of membership cards. A fee of HK$50 will be charged for card replacement.
  • Members are required to pay the annual fee within a specified period of time. The fee is due on an annual basis starting from the month in which a member joins the Institute. For example, assuming a member joins the Institute in August this year, he has to pay his annual fee for a new calendar year before the end of July next year. If the Institute has not yet received the payment for membership renewal within a month after issuing the notification, it is assumed that the member has decided to surrender his membership.

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