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  1. The Institute endeavors to protect the best interests of the Hong Kong investing public in the long run, having amassed Investors wisdom and strength. We will play an active role in helping promote the healthy development of the Hong Kong financial market by reflecting to the Government and relevant authorities Investors opinions through appropriate channels.
  2. The Institute is based in Hong Kong with a global outlook. We look far ahead into the future, continuously carrying out researches, studies and analyses on the development of the global economic and financial systems so as to help Investors access the most updated information and gain an insight into diverse investment opportunities.
  3. The Institute provides opportunities for Investors to refine their investment skills. Investment seminars, discussion sessions and exchange trips in Hong Kong, the Mainland China and other regions are organized for Investors to discuss, deliberate and share their experience with professionals in other fields as well as other organizations in an open and pragmatic manner.
  4. The Institute keeps Investors posted with developments in the world's major market and investment tools to ensure thorough understanding, thereby enhancing Investors' confidence through objective and impartial educational articles and special contributions published in the various media.

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